"A roguelike adventure through dungeons filled with dangerous monsters in a quest to find the mystifyingly fabulous Orb of Zot." - DCSS


Console games via SSH require this key. Please connect to the "dcss" user. If you are using Linux, BSD, or macOS you can connect via terminal using:

ssh -i ./dcss.key dcss@crawl.tildeverse.org

Can't stop dying? Check out the Crawl Wiki, or specifically, one of the strategy guides.

This instance's Tildeverse IRC channel is #dcss.

User data can be found here:

DCSS-git/trunk is updated nightly. Morgues, RC files, and ttyrecs are backed up to our TildeGit daily.

Run a tildeverse server and want to easily provide console access to this DCSS instance for your users? Create a file at /usr/local/bin/dcss with the following contents:

set -e

if [ ! -f "$MYKEY" ]; then
  mkdir -p "${HOME}/.ssh"
  curl -s "$SOURCEKEY" > "$MYKEY"
  chmod 600 "$MYKEY"
ssh -i "$MYKEY" dcss@crawl.tildeverse.org